Jewelry can be many things. It is a personal statement that says something about you. It can brighten up your outfit for the day, giving you extra sparkle and beauty. It can soothe and serve as a meditation device.

Athena’s Disciple’s jewelry says that you love the cool, clean look of silver contrasted with the rainbow of colors provided by natural stones, hand-crafted lampwork beads, and polymer clay items. I think the materials I use speak for themselves, so I keep my designs simple.

I also believe in the metaphysical energy that gemstones and metals provide, and each of my jewelry listings states a couple of the metaphysical properties of the gemstone/metal(s) used. Along with that, all items sold are Reiki charged. Reiki is a universal healing energy that will work on physical, mental/emotional and spiritual needs. It gives the jewelry an even better feel.


Everything sold on this site is handmade by me in my home studio in Pennsylvania or in the local art center where I take classes, though the components I use come from all over the world. I am also registered as a self-representing artist jewelry designer, which required me to send in proof that I personally make the designs. In the future, I would very much like to expand my business and have employees from the local area to help me, but right now it is just me. 🙂

Custom Orders

I am very open to custom orders, with over 200 varieties of gemstones available in my personal stock, as well as the flexibility of polymer clay and sterling silver clay. I work primarily with Sterling Silver, though I have dabbled with other metals, including Copper and White Gold. Techniques used/available include wire-wrapping, metal-smithing, sterling silver clay (PMC), wax casting, and polymer clay.


I started making jewelry in 2007 because I wanted to wear jewelry that matched my own personal statement. I started selling on Etsy soon after and had some sales and satisfied customers up until 2012, when I took a break due to the stresses and busyness of planning my wedding! Now, in 2014, I have opened the shop back up and am continuing my journey with a jewelry class in wax casting.


I’m mostly self-taught, but I have taken a couple of classes at the Wayne Art Center, including Adult Metal Jewelry (2011), PMC Metal Clay Workshop, and Jewelry-Lost Wax Casting and Beyond (2014). I have also taken classes in Pottery, Lampwork Glass Beads and and in Drawing, which I enjoyed, but have decided to stay focused on jewelry.

About Me

As for a little bit about me, my name is Kendra Scheesley and I work full-time in corporate IT as a Business Analyst/Project Manager. In my free time, I work on my jewelry, but I also play video games, read a lot of fiction (romance, sci-fi/fantasy) and non-fiction (business, decision science, etc.), watch sci-fi movies & shows, spend time with friends, family and husband, improve my Mandarin Chinese, stay fit (keto diet, running, yoga, weights training), etc.